Where FIFA's money comes from

FIFA once again finds itself rocked by scandal as president Sepp Blatter will face charges brought by the Swiss attorney general. This comes four months after several high-ranking FIFA officials were arrested on racketeering and corruption charges, and Blatter later announced he would step down as president after a special election later this year or early next year.

Most of the allegations involve the corrupt use of FIFA finances, such as the alleged “disloyal payment” made by Blatter to UEFA president Michel Platini totaling 2 million francs ($US2.1 million). That payment was is alleged to have been made three months before Platini announced he would not run against Blatter in the 2011 FIFA presidential election.

The chart below, created using data collected by The Economist, shows where all of the FIFA money comes from, revenue that totaled $US5.7 billion during the most recent World Cup cycle (2011-14). While the biggest piece of the pie (TV revenue) is not likely to dry up, the second-biggest chunk (marketing) is basically corporate sponsorships, and represents nearly one-third of the total. Losing that is a real possibility if FIFA’s partners start pulling out.

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