People think 'FIFA 16' is a real soccer broadcast because it looks so good

For a moment, people who see the video game “FIFA 16” in action for the first time think I’m watching a real soccer match. 

They will hear me shout, cheer, and swear just like I would during a real game, so they will come in to see what all the fuss is about.

They will watch on for a few seconds, and with a confused expression, they will ask “Wait, is this a video game?”

Of course, it’s just for a moment. They piece it together after they take a closer look and see the tell-tale signs of a video game, like the little coloured arrows on top of player heads and the controller in my hands.

Still, for a game to look so good than it momentarily fools people into thinking it’s the real thing is quite a feat.


The graphics on last year's 'FIFA 15' were already good.


They're slightly more polished in 'FIFA 16.'


Boots and hands on players looked abnormally large in last year's game.

Electronic Arts

EA seems to have scaled down hands and feet to more...normal proportions.

Electronic Arts

Crowd detail in 'FIFA 15' was decent.


But they look much better in 'FIFA 16.' It might not seem like it makes much of a difference to the overall look of the game, but little details like a better-looking crowd mount up with other small details to make a significant difference.


Take the time and score bars on the top left of the screen. It's nearly identical to what you'd see on a real-life TV broadcast. Even the EA Sports symbol on the top right looks like a TV channel symbol with the 'HD Live' stamp.

Electronic Arts

But it's the incredibly natural player movements in 'FIFA 16' that make it so realistic. Just look how the player in the blue jersey receiving the pass moves his arms and body, and takes a few steps to regain his balance.

RAW Embed

EA makes other sports games that can make you turn around for a double-take, like 'Madden NFL 16.' And while games like 'Uncharted 4' and 'Grand Theft Auto V' might not be as easily confused for the real thing, they look absolutely stunning.

PlayStation/Naughty Dog
'Uncharted 4'

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