Fiesta Bowl President Fired For Spending Bowl Money On Strippers And Birthday Parties

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The Fiesta Bowl has released a new report revealing that the bowl committee spent thousands of dollars on illegal campaign contributions; personal travel; gifts; strip clubs visits; and a $33,000 birthday party for president John Junker.Junker was also fired today because of the allegations.

The Fiesta Bowl is a non-profit organisation, but the investigation reveals corrupt leaders who used the game as their own personal slush fund, while squeezing million-dollar losses out of schools that are invited to participate.

The most serious is charge is that Fiesta Bowl employees were asked to make political contributions to particular candidates, then reimbursed with phony bonus payments. The New York Times says such payments are illegal and could lead to criminal charges.

The bowl also paid for personal trips for Junker, his family and certain Arizona politicians; spent $13,000 on the wedding of a Junker assistant; spent $33,000 on Junker’s 50th birthday party in Pebble Beach, and $1,300 on one visit to a strip club.

A Fiesta Bowl employee said told investigators about the strip club that, “It was important for us to visit, and we certainly conducted business.”

Even more ridiculous? The Bowl paid $75 to send flowers to the head of an honours program at the University of Texas that Junker’s daughter hoped to attend. She was accepted to the program.

Meanwhile, the University of Connecticut lost nearly $2M dollars last year, after being forced to buy tickets to the game that they could not resell.