PHOTO: Fidel Castro, wearing two Rolexes, lighting a cigar while visiting the USSR for the first time

Two months after the Kennedy administration banned Americans from any transactions with Cuba, Soviet Union leader Nikita Khrushchev hosted Fidel Castro on his first ever visit to the USSR on 27th of April in 1963.

This photo from Castro’s 40-day visit to the USSR features Khrushchev and a bunch of Soviets smiling while Castro, wearing two Rolex watches, lights up a Cuban cigar in front of a Karl Marx portrait in the Kremlin.

Some blogs have noted that Castro may have worn two Rolexes in order to easily reference both the local time in Cuba and in Moscow.

During his trip, Castro visited multiple Russian cities, factories, military bases, and brokered a deal to receive free Soviet military equipment while providing Russia with sugar.

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