Fiat is expanding its reach in America

Fiat 124 Spider shipFCA Corporate BlogNew Fiat 124 Spiders sitting in the Baltimore harbour.

Fiat’s latest vehicle — the 124 Spider — just arrived on American shores.

More than 700 of the little two-seat convertibles are currently sitting in a lot in Baltimore, Maryland, to be shipped to dealerships across the country, an article posted on parent company FCA’s corporate blog said.

Similar shipments will soon arrive in San Diego.

The 124 Spider is the latest vehicle from Fiat, a storied Italian carmaker that retreated from the American market in 1983 after developing a reputation for unreliability.

The Fiat 500, a tiny-but-stylish city car, officially ended the drought in 2011 when it was introduced alongside a memorable ad campaign.

The new roadster is built upon the chassis of the highly-successful Mazda Miata, and it will be produced at Mazda’s Hiroshima, Japan factory.

While the styling, engine, and suspension are decidedly Italian, this has not stopped the automotive press from dubbing the 124 Spider the “Fiata.”

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