FGG Collapse To Batter Non-Bogus Hedge Funds, Too


Fairfield Greenwich Group had more than $7 billion of its $16 billion of client assets invested with Bernie Madoff.  The firm also had $8+ billion of assets with non-bogus investment managers, too, however. As FGG clients run for the hills, we expect FGG will be forced to redeem these other positions, which may put pressure on the underlying hedge funds.

According to recent tearsheets for three FGG funds of funds (embedded below), here are some hedge funds that have significant exposure to FGG:

  • Harbinger
  • D.E. Shaw
  • Paulson Advantage
  • Tiger Global
  • Healthcor
  • King Street
  • Kensington
  • III Fund
  • Milleneum
  • TPG Axon
  • Brevan Howard
  • Shepard
  • DB Zwirn
  • EOS Credit Opportunities
  • Claren Road Credit Fund
  • BlueTrend Fund
  • Arrow Offshore
  • Zweig Dimenna Natural Resources Fund
  • Fir Tree International Value
  • J-Invest
  • Nexstar Developing Opportunities
  • Picus Venator
  • Pyrenees Global Value Master

Tearsheets for three FGG fund of funds–Irongate, Chester, and Fairfield Investment–embedded below. To make easier to read, click the full-screen icon in the lower righthand corner of each player (and hit ESC to return).

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