Track your child's temperature in real-time with this wearable thermometer

Fever Scout wearable patchYouTube/ VivaLnk IncA child wearing Fever Scout.

A new wearable thermometer that delivers information to your smartphone could help parents monitor their kid’s temperature when they aren’t feeling so great.

The device is called Fever Scout and it was created by NewDealDesign, a San Francisco-based design studio, and VivaLnk, which creates wearable tech for monitoring health.

The pink and blue wearable patch comes in the shape of a lightening bolt and can easily be stuck onto your body like a bandaid.

The device can monitor the user’s temperature over a period of time and wirelessly deliver the information to a smartphone via bluetooth. It can stay on for an entire week, via a removable adhesive strip, without needing to charge. Fever Scout comes with a charging dock for when it runs out.

Parents can set a temperature alert on their phone so that they can check on their kid if his/her temperature spikes. Fever Scout’s corresponding app will also create a chart of the wearer’s temperature changes so parents can monitor if their child is getting better.

Fever Scout can be monitored on iOS and Android platforms.

Fever Scout wearable patchYouTube/ VivaLnk Inc.Fever Scout delivers information to your phone.

Wearable tech is becoming increasingly popular for monitoring health.

The FDA approved the first smart drugs in September. Proteus Digital Health teamed up with Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. to combine Abilify — which treats schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression — with a sensor that tracks when a patient has taken their medication.

The sensor will record that the medication was taken and deliver that information to a wearable patch. The patch can then relay that information to a smartphone for the user or their doctor to look at.

Fitness trackers, like Jawbone Up and FitBit, are already tracking people’s health like their resting heart rate. But there’s potential to use wearables to track drug adherence, similar to the Proteus sensor/ patch combination.

Additionally, Apple ResearchKit is helping researchers gather and study an unprecedented amount of health data.

Learn more about Fever Scout here:

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