Warriors player blasts NCAA after self-congratulatory tweet about giving student-athletes free WiFi

With March Madness beginning on Thursday, it’s a lucrative time for the NCAA.

On Thursday, the NCAA sent a poorly thought-out, self-congratulatory tweet about giving student-athletes free WiFi at hotels.

Given the amount of money the NCAA makes and the controversy over unpaid athletes, it wasn’t a good look:

Warriors center Festus Ezeli responded with a quick, snappy tweet, blasting the organisation for their lack of self-awareness.

And Ezeli isn’t wrong. As The Big Lead’s Jason McIntyre pointed out, players could make a big sum of money if the NCAA gave them even a tenth of the revenues from March Madness:

As McIntyre notes, much of the nearly $700 million the NCAA makes in TV revenues goes to salaries. 39 coaches from last year’s tournament made more than $1 million per season.

Ezeli’s tweet won’t change that, but it’s a reminder that for as fun as March Madness is, players aren’t profiting off of it in the way many of the people around them are.

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