Ferry workers rescued a wallaby swimming in Sydney Harbour

Photo: MisterCheeseRanger/Twitter

Crew members from a Sydney commuter ferry rescued a wallaby swimming near Manly Wharf, to the city’s north last night at around 7pm.

They spotted the young marsupial beginning to tire in the water, and slowed to rescue it. The area around Manly is surrounded by National Parks and bushland and native wildlife often ends up in urban areas. It’s believed the wallaby may have taken to the water to escape from a dog.

One Twitter user captured video of the wallaby swimming around:

Deckhands threw a rope around the wallaby, and pulled it onto the ferry, with one worker grabbing its tail to make sure it didn’t slip out of the rope. Another Twitter user posted this video of the rescue from the wharf:

Volunteers from Sydney Wildlife took the wallaby, after wrapping it up in a blanket.

The wallaby was taken away by a Wildlife volunteer to recover.

Just two weeks ago, another swamp wallaby was caught where it shouldn’t have been — hopping along the Harbour Bridge at around 5am. It was safely captured in Sydney’s CBD after making its way from a golf course on the northern suburbs and after being checked at Taronga Zoo, was later released back into the wild.

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