At Least 17 Dead After Passenger Ferry Collides With Cargo Ship And Sinks In Philippines

A ferry carrying hundreds of passengers sank after colliding with a cargo ship in the central Philippines, the AP reports.

According to CNN, the death toll is now at 17. Reuters reported earlier that more than 250 have been rescued:

The Cebu Daily News reports that the ferry, M/V St. Thomas Aquinas, was carrying more than 600 passengers when it head the cargo ship M/V Sulpicio Express 7 head on, off the coast of Tailsay City on the island of Cebu.

According to the Sun Star Cebu, a survvor said passengers were given life jackets, and that some children and elderly people might still be trapped on the ship.

Rescue efforts are underway, led by the Philippine Coast Guard.

A survivor said the ferry was entering a pier when it hit the cargo ship, which was on its way out, the AP reported.

Here’s a photo of a survivor, from the Cebu Daily News:

And a map of where the ferry sank:

We’ll update this post as we find out more.

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