Even Ferrari Is Getting Ready To Make Hybrid Cars

Ferrari F12berlinetta Car

Photo: YouTube

With tightening emissions laws and higher gas prices, every automaker is making an effort to become a little greener.That even includes Ferrari.

According to Car and Driver, Ferrari has just filed its first patents on a hybrid system for use in future V12 models.

For a long time, Ferrari was rumoured to be devising a hybrid system based on its Formula 1 technology. The race cars now use a system called KERS, which is short for Kinetic Energy Recovery System. Basically, the system stores energy expelled during braking in a flywheel. At the press of a button, the energy is released directly to the wheels, giving the cars a brief burst of more than 80 horsepower.

The system Ferrari patented looks to be much more conventional. It uses batteries and capacitors to store the energy and two electric motors to utilise it. One electric motor will propel the car while another will operate all of the ancillary devices like the air conditioning and navigation.

A setup like this will alleviate the engine from those duties under acceleration…as if Ferraris needed to be quicker than they already are.

Car and Driver notes that the system in the patents goes with a car that has a 90 degree angle in a front-mounted engine. Currently, the V8 powered California is the only car in the Ferrari lineup that would be able to utilise the system.

This means that there may be another system in the works for V12s, repackaging of the system for the current V12s, or a whole new design for the next generation of V12 Ferraris.

And this doesn’t spell the end for a KERS-type system from Ferrari. They could still utilise it in one of its upcoming supercars, like the Enzo replacement.

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