Ferrari Has Attached An Awkward Name To Its Fastest Ever Road Car

Ferrari F12berlinetta Car

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We brought you the first live shot last week, but now Ferrari has officially unveiled its new GT car in all its wide-mouthed glory.Ferrari did leave one surprise for the day of the unveiling: the name. Widely rumoured to be called the F620 GT, it seems Ferrari went a very different way with the name and decided to call this car the F12berlinetta.

There is no space in the name, and ‘berlinetta’ is not capitalised. Spell check will have an issue with this one for years.

Under the hood, Ferrari has equipped the F12berlinetta with a 740 horsepower version of the 6.2 liter V12 in the FF. As we expected, this makes the F12berlinetta the most powerful Ferrari road car ever, but not the most powerful Ferrari ever.

0-60 MPH comes in a face melting 3.1 seconds and the car can go around Ferrari’s private Fiorano test track in 1:23, making this the fastest roadgoing car they have ever produced.

Ferrari F12berlinetta Car Interior

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Like the 599, there will be no manual transmission option. Instead, the only way to shift gears is through a seven speed dual-clutch unit.Ferrari says that the new car also has reduced fuel consumption by 30 per cent, a real coup for the minuscule number of Ferrari owners that care about this sort of thing.

The interior is very reminiscent of the FF and 458. All controls are on the wheel, including windshield wipers and the indicators. It could get confusing.

And for some reason, the passenger gets a tachometer and speedometer of their very own.

When the F12 (see, we’re already shortening the name) goes on sale, expect it to be priced somewhere in the “if you need to ask, you cannot afford it” range.

Check it out from behind:

Ferrari F12berlinetta Car

[credit provider=”Courtesy Ferrari”]

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