Say hello to the fastest and most powerful Ferrari ever

Ferrari 812 SuperfastFerrariWoof.

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta was an impressive car. But the new 812 Superfast is understandably more impressive.

Maranello pulled the cover off the new top-of-the-line grand tourer on Thursday, in advance of an official debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

“This new car not only introduces a plethora of innovative features but is also particularly significant as the V12 series marked the official start of the glorious Prancing Horse story in 1947, 70 years ago this year,” Ferrari said in a statement.

“The 812 Superfast thus ushers in a new era in Ferrari 12-cylinder history, in doing so building on the invaluable legacies of the F12berlinetta and F12tdf. It is aimed at clients demanding the most powerful and exclusive Ferrari in the range: an uncompromising sports car that will deliver exhilarating driving both on road and track yet also be comfortable enough to allow its owners to enjoy it as an all-round experience.”

Let’s have a look at this gorgeous Italian beast!

The F12 Berlinetta, now stepping aside so that we can enjoy ...

Alex Davies / Business Insider

... the 812 Superfast. OK, the name is a little goofy. But this is the same company that gave us the Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar.


The look is sleeker and swoopier than the F12.

'Designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre, the new 812 Superfast redefines the formal language of front-engined V12 Ferraris, underlining the car's exceptional performance with very sporty lines and proportions,' Ferrari said.

'Seen in silhouette, the 812 Superfast has a fastback sleekness: a two-box design with a high tail reminiscent of the glorious 365 GTB4 of 1969.'

Overall, the design is more aggressive, yet still quite sexy. The 812's stonking V12 engine is slightly larger than the F12's, at 6.5 litres. Out is bumped to nearly 780 horsepower, a 20 hp boost over the F12tdf. The yields a 0-60 mph time of 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 211 mph. Vroom!


The interior is superbly Ferrari, simultaneously sporty and stately. Much of the car can be operated from the steering wheel, which is F1-inspired.


Ferrari said that the 'cabin has been given a sportier, more radical look with the main elements seeming to float, creating an effect of both thoroughbred racing eagerness and lean elegance.'

A car this fast needs a lot of aerodynamic features to keep it glued to the road.


'(S)tyle and aerodynamic function are seamlessly integrated to produce innovative solutions and forms,' Ferrari said.

'Two examples are the multi-functional frontal section, which incorporates a cluster of aerodynamic solutions including active flaps at the front of the underbody, and the rear flank which features an unprecedented aerodynamic by-pass to increase downforce.'

Ferrari likes to introduce new variations on its famous red paint scheme with each new car. The 812 Superfast will arrive in 'Rosso Settanta,' celebrating the automaker's 70th anniversary, Ferrari said.


If you're in Europe next month, you can witness the global debut of the 812 Superfast at the Geneva Motor Show from March 9-19.


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