Topless Protesters Femen Get Arrested After Striking Their First Islamic State

RTX10551Police officers detain an activist from the women’s rights group Femen during a protest against the arrest of their Tunisian member named Amina, in front of Tunisia’s Ministry of Justice in Tunis.

Three Femen “sextremists” were arrested in Tunisia on Wednesday after the activist group’s “first topless protest in an Islamic state” euronews reports.

The women — one German and two French — were detained outside the Ministry of Justice in Tunis after revealing their bare chests and holding signs saying “F**k your morals!”

The activists said their actions were in support of Amina Tyler, a 19-year-old Tunisian woman who was arrested after posting topless pictures of herself online as a form of protest.

The Ukraine-founded group, which even has its own training regiment, has held topless protests on a wide variety of issues since 2010.

An angry crowd, apparently including conservative Muslims, jostled with police as officers made the arrests. You can check out a graphic video here –>

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