Female Thor has more fans than male Thor, and they're sticking with her

Picture: Marvel Comics

Female Thor is holding her own comfortably as a bigger drawcard than male Thor.

We’re now six issues and an annual in following Marvel Comic’s anouncement in July last year that it would recast the hammer-wielding Norse god as a woman for the next series.

They billed it as “one of the most shocking and exciting changes ever to shake one of the ‘big three’ of Captain America, Iron Man and Thor”.

Not surprisingly, the decision caused widespread outrage amongst established, presumably male, fans. Fortunately, the response to the backlash was amazing and the critics went back into their holes at least until the first issue came out.

When it did, the response was huge, outselling the first issue of the previous series Thor: God of Thunder, 150,862 issues to 110,443.

But if anyone wants to chalk that up to the increased publicity surrounding the change, Fusion culture editor Danielle Henderson pulled the number on following sales, and this was the result:

That’s an average of roughly 20,000 a month, or 30%, over the following four issues – comfortably enough to call the experiment a success that should be continued.

There’s no breakdown on who’s buying into the new Thor, but expect the figures to get a bounce for Issue Six, too. Thor writer Jason Aaron, possibly growing weary of the critics, grabbed some more momentum for the series by silencing them in Issue Five in the form they love most:

Picture: Marvel Comics

So now the only question that remains is who gets to replace Chris Hemsworth in the movies, right?

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