A Female Student Was Allegedly Gang-Raped At An Alabama State University Campus Dorm

Alabama State University has confirmed they are investigating an alleged gang rape that took place at a campus dormitory two months ago, local news station WSFA 12 reports.

According to WSFA, “a former student was allegedly forced by five men to engage in sexual activities against her will on Nov. 1.” The unidentified student victim has reportedly since left the school.

The five suspects were reportedly taken into custody, although there have been no charges in the case.

WSFA’s report followed two months of no information from ASU about the case.

“After the news station enlisted the help of an attorney, the university released a single page from the report on Dec. 20, confirming a rape investigation that had resulted in arrests — though none of the suspects were formally charged,” AL.com reports.

An ASU administrator told WSFA that the school did not inform their students because “it was an after the matter fact. When the victim reported the incident, the incident had already transpired — there was no danger.” The administrator said that they delayed the report’s release because there was an ongoing investigation.

ASU has also made recent news for a controversial contract clause in new president Gwendolyn Boyd’s contract that prevents her from having romantic guests spend the night in her home.

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