Why female meteorologists all over the US are wearing the same $23 dress

In Dallas, Oklahoma City, Boston, Des Moines, and dozens of other cities across the United States, local weather forecasts have had a familiar look to them in recent weeks.

That’s because more than 50 female meteorologists have discovered the “Homeyee stretch tunic pencil sheath dress” — a $22.99 dress on Amazon that’s ideal for the television news profession.

Tech Insider’s Madison Malone Kircher reports that the phenomenon started when someone posted a link to the dress in a private Facebook group for female meteorologists. Those who ordered it loved it because it was fashionable while also satisfying the long list of wardrobe restrictions that female meteorologists face.

“We’re encouraged to wear more dresses, but it’s hard to find,” April Warnecke, a meteorologist for 3TV in Arizona, told INSIDER. “You find a lot of these short-sleeve dresses, a lot of stripes, not a lot of bright colours that have sleeves on them. This had both of those, plus it was cheap.”

Meteorologists are discouraged from wearing colours that clash with the green screen or patterns that look too busy on TV. They try to wear bright, solid-coloured dresses with sleeves, Warnecke said.

They’re also essentially on their own when it comes to wardrobe.

“I think people think that people in television news have clothing allowances or that there’s somebody here that dresses us or gives us dresses,” Warnecke said. “The truth is we have consultants that give us advice, but they don’t give us money or clothing. So we’re on our own to figure that out.”

Shelby Hays, a meteorologist for the ABC affiliate in Oklahoma City, told INSIDER that “the dress” continues to gain stream, with a dozen more meteorologists ordering it since a collage of women wearing it on air went viral over the weekend.

“It’s not a fashion show. We don’t want people paying attention to our clothes, we want people paying attention to what we’re saying,” she said. “But in the same sense, it’s extremely hard to find long-sleeve dresses.”

You also can’t beat that pricetag.

“It cost $23,” Hays said. “Anytime you can get a dress that costs $23, it’s a good dress.”

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