Two Australian industry leaders have joined forces to help female entrepreneurs create a better wealth plan


Australian women face a number of financial barriers to accumulating wealth throughout their career.

This leads to only 10% of retiring women citing their main source of income as superannuation, compared to 25% of men.

To tackle this, financial management platform myprosperity and social enterprise Acceler8 have teamed up to offer female Australian entrepreneurs tools and resources to help them build a sustainable wealth portfolio.

Under the partnership, led by Chris Ridd, former managing director of Xero and CEO of myprosperity, and Tanya Titman, the founder of Acceler8, myprosperity’s technology will become available to Acceler8 participants.

This includes a year’s subscription to myprosperity’s Pro subscription which delivers monthly updates for online home and motor vehicle valuations, balance sheet/net worth, ASX shares feed and a comprehensive wealth report, as well as help identify new wealth opportunities.

“It’s important that women work on improving their financial literacy, which is often the key factor keeping their SMEs from reaching full potential,” says Titman.

“Technology is critical to efficient, profitable SME performance and we want to give female entrepreneurs access to the best-of-breed Australian technology.”

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