To Become Chief Executive, You Need To Have A Subordinate Partner

Marian SalzmanMarian Salzman

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In order to become a chief executive and also have an active personal life, you need to have a partner that’s subordinate to you — which can be more challenging for women to find than men.Marian Salzman, CEO of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, says in an interview with Amanda Ernst of Mediabistro that people who want to climb to the top of the corporate ladder need to be solely dedicated to their careers. This can make it difficult to maintain relationships and, often, only one person in the relationship can be the more career-oriented person at a time. Salzman says:

“[Being a CEO] is about making choices. And I think men tend to be more prepared to make the choices. You have to choose to delay your family plans well into your 30’s. You have to be prepared to live on at least three continents early in your career.

“And that means that someone’s career is going to come first, and someone’s career is going to have to come second, so you have to be in a subordinated relationship, which means that guys have to be prepared to be with a partner who is going to be subordinated, and women have to be prepared to be with a partner who is going to be subordinated.”

The dedication and time a career-oriented person needs also result in them not being viewed as marriage material. Instead, this type of lifestyle “creates a lot of serial relationships.”

A recent study proves that Salzman isn’t far off: Women who aren’t so successful in their personal lives are more dedicated to their careers

“A scarcity of men leads women to invest in their careers because they realise it will be difficult to settle down and start a family,” said Vlad Griskevicius, the study’s co-author. “In fact, the strongest effects were found for women who are least likely to secure a mate.”

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