Felix Salmon's Wife Had To Set The Record Straight With Anthony Scaramucci

NY Magazine’s Kevin Roose has an informative piece out this morning on Anthony Scaramucci’s tips for shmoozing.

The hedge fund manager is legendary on The Street for making friends and keeping them. That is what has made his SALT conference, now taking place in Las Vegas, so popular with world leaders, Hollywood types (“The Mooch” will be seated next to Oliver Stone at dinner), and money managers of all stripes.

Roose got to the bottom of how Scaramucci does it (for more on that, click here), but we especially loved one of his points. Mooch said that to make people love you, you have to give up being snarky all the time and used his well-known frenemy FT journalist Felix Salmon as an example.

From NY Mag:

“The problem is,” Scaramucci says, “snarky gets readership, but it closes your circle of accessibility. Like, Felix Salmon, he gets readership. But he’s universally hated. I think even his wife hates him. If you’re not snarky, you get a wide circle of accessibility.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a burn. One that could not go unnoticed by Felix’s wife.

From Felix’s Twitter feed:

TwitterWe imagine that Mooch was just employing his famous sense of humour. But yeah… there’s that.

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