58% Of Business Insider Readers Would Use Apple Pay

Apple PayAppleThree views of how Apple Pay will work.

Once Apple announced that Apple Pay, a mobile payment system, would be part of its newest product trio, we had one burning question: Will people use it?

So we asked.

Here are the results of our survey, which garnered over 2,300 responses. While we can’t say it’s representative of all Americans, the responses indicate the Business Insider community’s considerable enthusiasm for this new product.

Apple pay poll resultsBusiness InsiderResults of our Business Insider poll, as of closing on Sept. 16, 2014.

You’ll notice that between those who are completely on board and those who are potentially open to this new form of payment, a vast majority of respondents (79%) are Apple Pay-positive. Interestingly, those who doubt the service because of potential security concerns just outweigh those who simply don’t feel like changing their existing payment process.

As we’ve discussed, Apple Pay has the potential to revolutionise mobile payments and prove itself a major boon to credit card companies, but it also has to prove that it’s trustworthy and make itself accessible to retailers.

Judging by the response above, Apple Pay could arrive to an extremely warm welcome.

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