Feds Avoid Making Terrible Decision, Allow Political Blogs To Stay Unregulated

Should partisan political blogs be treated as political organisations and regulated by campaign finance laws? Of course they shouldn’t!

Thankfully, the Federal Election Commission agrees with us. Mediapost reports that the FEC dismissed a complaint by a Clinton supporter who alleged a pro-Obama blog, Iowa True Blue, was actually “a direct arm” of the Obama campaign.

The FEC ruled that it doesn’t matter if Iowa True Blue was, in fact, collaborating with the Obama campaign: Its costs don’t have to be disclosed as a campaign contribution. “Political blogging is exactly the type of Internet activity that the Commission exempted from the definition of ‘contribution’ and ‘expenditure,'” the FEC said.

In 2006, the FEC said online media operations are exempt from campaign finance laws unless they are directly owned by a candidate, party or committee. In 2007, the FEC ruled in favour of the liberal blog DailyKos after a similar complaint, ruling then that “activity on the DailyKos website does not constitute a contribution or expenditure that would trigger political committee status.”

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