Feds Are Apparently Investigating Two Transactions Goldman Sachs May Have Been Involved In

Lloyd Blankfein

Photo: AP

Finally, we find out Goldman Sachs is involved in all this.Of course you remember that early reports in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere suggested that “low level” Goldman employees were somehow involved.

Well, according to CNBC, the feds are investigating the conduct of Goldman employees around at least two healthcare transactions that relate to the companies MedImmune and Advanced Medical Optics.

The share price of both companies spiked in the weeks before deals were announced that they were being taken over, so people suspect that insiders knew about the deal ahead of time.

The Feds are investigating whether or not Goldman employees gave clients key information, possibly regarding Astrazeneca’s takeover of MedImmune and Abbott’s takeover of AMO, said CNBC’s Kate Kelly, citing the Wall Street Journal.

But Goldman employees have been speculating a lot these past few days, and we doubt this answers any of their questions.

Kelly said Goldman wouldn’t comment.

Watch more below:

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