A building in Melbourne's iconic Federation Square will be torn down for a 'flagship' Apple Store

An artist’s rendering of the new ‘flagship’ Apple store in Melbourne’s Federation Square. Image: Apple.

Federation Square in Melbourne will be the new home of Apple’s newest flagship store.

Part of the square, on the Yarra River side, will be demolished to make way for the tech giant’s signature glass buildings.

The deal comes after two years of negotiation and will help to tackle the square’s flatlining visitor numbers.

As part of the deal Apple will lease the freehold for about 20 years, according to the Herald Sun.

Tourism Minister John Eren told the Herald Sun all his “Christmases have come all at once”.

“There are only five of these stores around the world. The only one outside of the US, of course, is Milan and we will be the only store in the Southern Hemisphere.”

The “most significant store in the Southern Hemisphere”, according to the Federation Square, the space will host workshops, classes, and live music events.

Few details regarding the cost and construction of the development have been released, except that the existing organisation, the Koorie Heritage Trust, will move to the Alfred Deakin building at Federation Square and the new development will create 500 square metres of extra public space.

The Apple store will employ 200 workers and is expected to draw an extra two million people to the area.

Here’s what is looks like now.

Before. Image: Google Maps.

And this is what it will look like when Apple moves in.

After. Image: Apple.

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