Federal police keep finding knives hidden in credit cards at Australian airports

The Australian Federal Police keeps finding knives hidden in credit cards at the airport, with the amount found up 20 times higher this year compared to 2014.

“Despite the obvious danger of credit-card knives, the latest statistics show more and more knives are being seized at airports across Australia. You wouldn’t try to put a kitchen knife in your wallet or purse, so why carry a credit-card knife?” AFP’s acting National Manager Aviation Sharon Cowden said.

In the first six months of this year, 493 credit-card knives were seized at airports around Australia. In the six months to June last year just 25 were confiscated.

The majority (159) were found at Sydney Airport, with 146 at Melbourne Airport, 84 at Perth Airport, 25 at Brisbane Airport, 30 at Gold Coast Airport, 17 at Canberra Airport, 16 at Cairns Airport, 13 at Adelaide Airport and three at Darwin Airport. Just 50 people were charged.

The AFP has been working closely with eBay to take down 20 online listings selling credit-card knives.

The penalty for carrying a credit-card knife in NSW can be up to 14 years imprisonment. Buying a knife designed to be concealed or disguised as something else is also an offence in Australia.

“If you have a credit card knife, it may be easy to forget it is in your wallet/purse, but that will not cut it. The penalties for carrying a concealed prohibited item are serious. So if you’ve got a credit-card knife in your wallet, get rid of it!” Cowden said.

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