Federal Labor Is Ahead Of The Coalition In The First Poll Since The Election

Tony AbbottGetty / Oscar Siagian

Federal Labor is ahead of the Coalition on a two-party preferred basis, according to the first poll taken since Australia’s September 07 election.

After a spying scandal, and the first sitting of the new Parliament, Labor leads the Coalition 52% to 48%, according to the The Australian Financial Review/Nielsen poll, which was taken on Saturday night.

Labors primary vote is up 4 percentage points from its election level of 37%. The Coalition’s is down 5 percentage points, to 41%.

The poll also shows that while 57% of voters think Labor should help get rid of the carbon tax, only 1-in-10 support Tony Abbott’s direct action policy. Labor’s Emissions Trading Scheme is the most popular alternative.

There is more here.

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