'We've got to speak up': A federal judge will hear Hawaii's lawsuit against Trump's new travel ban

A federal judge in Hawaii will hear arguments regarding President Donald Trump’s revised executive order restricting travel from six majority-Muslim countries. Doug Chin, Hawaii Attorney General, spoke about the travel ban and drew a parallel to the Japanese-American situation 75 years ago. Following is a transcript of the video.

75 years ago you had — you had another disenfranchised group where nobody was speaking up for them and, that was Japanese-Americans here. And so I just feel very strongly that today in 2017 we’ve got to speak up.

There are no boundaries to, to this order. So, so unfortunately if there is no check against what the, what the president can do in an executive order, that’s nothing — there’s nothing that stops him from expanding the order further or, or extending it and saying, “you know well, it’s 120 days, we’ll do another 120 days.” And then all of a sudden it’s permanent.

If we’re going to have national security, and that’s super important, we, we just can’t have it under a framework where people from a certain nationality are excluded. That’s just something that I, I don’t think any of us on our watch want to be saying that we stood by and were silent when that was going on.

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