Federal Government Pulls Down Long-Awaited Food Labelling Website Just 24 Hours After Launch

Getty/ David H. Lewis

The Australian Government Health Department is being criticised for pulling down its new food labelling website just 24 hours after it was launched.

The website, which is aimed at improving awareness about the nutritional value in food, was removed by the Department saying “Due to an inadvertent error the draft web page went live. This error is now being rectified.”

Public health groups, who have been waiting for the launch since it was approved mid-last year, have said it was a poor excuse and believe are questioning whether undue industry influence is to blame.

The consumer watchdog CHOICE expressed concerns the federal government may have change their mind about implementing the initiative, despite strong support from the states in charge of the program.

The new website, www.healthstarrating.com.au, had information on a new star rating system, as well as a calculator that a product’s nutrient value could be plugged into to find out what star rating it would receive.

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