Restoring coral and fighting crown of thorns starfish at the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef iStock

The Great Barrier Reef is getting $535.9 million to secure the future of the World Heritage listed natural asset.

In Federal Government will provide $443.8 million to enter into a tied partnership fund with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, a not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting the Reef.

According to federal budget papers, the fund will work to deliver programs to address the key challenges facing the Reef, including $200.6 million to improve water quality, $100 million to unlock new scientific insights to help strengthen the resilience of the reef through coral restoration and adaptation research and $58 million to fight the crown of thorns starfish.

The fund will also deliver $40 million to enhance Reef health monitoring and reporting, and $44.8 million will support delivery of the plan and engagement with Traditional Owners and the broader community to protect the Reef.