PODCAST: Crunching the budget numbers with top economist Warren Hogan

(L-R): Business Insider’s David Scutt, economist Warren Hogan, and BI’s Paul Colgan.

Having spent time at federal Treasury after leaving his role as chief economist at ANZ Bank, Warren Hogan is uniquely positioned to talk about the economics of the federal budget.

He joined us on the Devils and Details podcast this week to unpack the economic trends and assumptions underlying Scott Morrison’s third budget, which will be the cornerstone of the Coalition’s economic platform for re-election when Australia next goes to the polls, likely within the next 12 months.

We also talk about some of the recent trends in global markets, including the surging US dollar and the growth outlook — all of which inform the projected trajectories of federal government revenues for Australia.

You can find the show on iTunes, listen to it here, or tune in below.

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