People were way more stressed out about the Fed two years ago

Investors just aren’t all that worried about the Federal Reserve anymore.

In its latest global macro survey, Barclays found that the number of investors who think the Fed changing its policy stance is the biggest risk to the market is at a 2-year low.

Last week, the Fed elected to keep interest rates pegged at 0%, but by mentioning considerations it would make before raising rates at its next meeting, the Fed made clear there is a very real chance they raise rates in December.

The Fed hasn’t raised rates since July 2006. Most investors — about 40% — polled by Barclays think the Fed will raise rates in December. Another 35% think the first hike will be in March 2016.

But in its latest survey, Barclays found that China is a far bigger worry for stock investors than the Fed, with only 7% of investors seeing the Fed as the biggest concern to markets against 36% who believe China poses the biggest risk.

Moreover, only 10% of investors polled by Barclays think a Fed rate hike will have long-lasting impacts on risk assets like stocks.

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