Features Google+ SHOULD Have, But Doesn't (Yet)

I like Google+ a lot. In fact, I made a big deal about it when I first joined — telling my popular finance blog’s readers to follow me there, as I decided to deactivate my Facebook in order to de-clutter my social media ‘presence’ (and I’ve never really used Twitter).

With that said, Google+ is still in an embryonic state, and it’s missing some cool features I’d like to see:

1) Ability to view new messages from Gmail within the bar at the top of Google+.

2) A “random introduction” of the day would be very cool. Chatroulette, although it quickly devolved into the realm of super-creepy, at first gained a meteoric boost in traffic because it randomly connected strangers — a risk/reward proposition that social network users seem to love. Google+ could easily create a tool that would introduce you to someone you don’t know, but should, either based on your shared interests or other variables.

3) A better photo viewer. Pictures are a big part of any social network, and Google+ should fashion itself as a friendly home for those who share a lot of snapshots — make it simpler, like Imgur, rather than complex. And don’t automatically resize to smaller images.

4) More nuanced suggestions for people to Circle. You’re new to Google+? Great. Right now their system will recommend fascinating folks like emerging indie actor Ashton Kutcher and an amazing little band called the Black Eyed Peas. You really should check them out, I believe they may be on iTunes as well.

Seriously, though, I think that many Google users are long-tail snobs. Providing the Top 40 Chart of Internet Personalities is not exactly going to please us snobs.

5) Greater personalisation of profiles. Google+ is clean and simple now, which is fine, but many social media users like a large degree of customisation. Think more along the lines of MySpace in its heyday, or Twitter with its custom backgrounds, rather than a boring/corporate looking LinkedIn profile.

What about you? What features would you want to see in the near future? Comment here, or hit me up on my G+!

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