FBI Investigating More Potential News Corp. Hacking In The US

rupert murdoch

The FBI is starting to examine whether News of the World tapped phones in the United States.

Initial reports indicated that perhaps the newspaper had hacked into the accounts of 9/11 victims, but the agency has not found any evidence of that being true.

According to The Independent, the FBI is checking out other rumours:

A New Jersey senator wrote to the US Attorney General’s office last month asking for an inquiry into News Corp’s behaviour in the US, citing the case of Floorgraphics, whose founders claimed their Murdoch-owned rival, News America, threatened to destroy their company when they rejected a takeover bid. A jury was told that 11 breaches of Floorgraphics’ password-protected website in 2004 were traced back to an address registered to a News America office and that sensitive information could have been accessed.

This is only going to get worse before it gets better. The only question is whether anyone cares.