SCARY: FBI Warns ‘Leaders In Media’ Included In Al-Qaida Hit List

New Al Qaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahir

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Scary stuff.A new potential target list for terrorist attacks has been published on an Al-Qaida-affiliated website, NBC New York reports.

The list (which consists of names, photos, and home addresses) is made up of 40 leaders in “in government, industry and media” and calls for terrorists to target the people in their own homes.

Sending bomb packages is one suggested attack method.

Former New York State Homeland Security Director Michael Balboni told NBC:

“What’s scary about this is how specific the individual information is…What you don’t know is, when does aspirational become operational in cases like this, involving a possible lone actor here inspired by a website…Part of this is a necessary precaution. You don’t want to scare people. But there is much more specific, individual targeting than we’ve seen before.”

While the FBI has notified the individuals who were named, specific names have not been released to the media. The FBI also stressed that the terrorist organisation does have a history of making “web based threats with little result.”