FBI Agent Trigg Crossed-Examined By Michael Kimelman’s Attorney In Goffer Trial: Where’s The Beef?

What follows are excerpts from a portion of Friday’s cross examination of Special Agent Jan Trigg, the FBI lead investigator in the Goffer/Kimelman criminal proceeding.   The cross is being done Michael Sommer, lead attorney for Michael Kimelman.   Zvi Goffer’s attorney. William Barzee, had just finished his cross examination on behalf of his client.  During the course of the cross-examination, Agent Trigg explained to the jury that the FBI had utilized four informants (aka, “cooperators”) in connection with its investigation and subsequent indictments.

Special Agent Trigg also confirmed for the jury that the FBI had its informants wired, and that the FBI had recorded 10 of thousands of phone calls (“sessions”).  These secret recordings of calls involving the defendants, Jason Goldfarb and other informants are at the heart of the government’s insider trading case.  The cross examination below centres on two of the informants, Franz Tudor and Gautham Shankar, who will not be testifying in court  for the prosecution.  Two other informants, David Slaine and David Plate, are scheduled to testify in court this week.

Q.   All right.  So there are four informants that the FBI and the prosecution used in connection with this case;  is that correct?

A.  Yes.

Q.  Agent Trigg, …it was around June 2008 when Mr. Shankar became an informant?

A.  Yes

Q.  And you sent him to meetings wearing a hidden recording device to try to gather evidence against others, correct?

A.  Correct.

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