Netflix is now Australia's favourite brand

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When it comes to brands you recommend to your friends, which one do you find yourself talking about the most?

According to the results of the 2017 YouGov Brand Advocacy Rankings – Netflix is bae.

Yep, it turns out Netflix customers are the strongest advocates of any other brand in Australia.

The rankings are calculated by measuring “Recommend Scores” among each brands’ customers for a year. The recommend scores for the brands are measured by asking if you would recommend the brand to a friend or family member, or if you would recommend that a friend or family member avoid the brand. The scores are then calculated by subtracting the negative responses from the positive responses.

And, drumroll please…(no need really, the spoiler is in the headline) – Netflix won.

It beat out Singapore Airlines which came second, Emirates (third place – y’all love your airlines), Toyota came in fourth and Air New Zealand took out the fifth top spot.

Other top performers included Airbnb, Bose and Dyson.

“A recommendation from friends or family is one of the strongest votes of confidence it is possible to give to a brand,” Ervin Ha, Head of Data Products told Gizmodo Australia.

“While some traditional format brands continue to carry favour with consumers, the success of digital brands suggests that the conversation is changing.”

Ha says consumers are increasingly making recommendations based on the service they receive that go beyond the “traditional format experience”. While the product helps to shape a brand, Ha says, a focus on experience will help brands to go that extra mile and secure not just the custom but a recommendation from consumers.

You can find out more about the rankings here.

This article first appeared at Gizmodo Australia. See the original here.

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