The Guinness Book Denied A 100-Year-Old Marathoner A World Record Because He Didn't Have A Birth Certificate

fauja singh

Photo: AP

A 100-year-old British man who completed the Toronto Marathon last week will not be recognised by the Guinness Book because he cannot produce a valid birth certificate.Fauja Sign is Indian-born British citizen and has a British passport that says his birthday is April 1, 1911, as well as a letter from the Queen congratulating him on being the oldest man to complete a marathon.

But that’s not enough for the Guinness Book.

Here’s what the Editor in Chief told the BBC:

“We would love to give him the record. We’d love to say this is a true Guinness World Record, but the problem is there is just no evidence. We can only accept official birth documents created in the year of the birth. Anything else is really not very useful to us.”

India didn’t keep birth records in 1911, so it looks like Singh will never be validated.

He finished the marathon in eight hours, 25 minutes.

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