Learn The Secrets Of The Malaysian BBQ Chain That's Taking Over New York

When Zak Pelaccio opened Fatty Crab in Manhattan’s West Village in 2005, it wasn’t clear that it was the beginning of a small food empire that continues to grow and mature.

Fatty Crab now boasts three locations in Manhattan, a Williamsburg offshoot called Fatty ‘Cue (currently closed for renovations) and most recently, a more upscale version of the Brooklyn BBQ-joint back near the original Fatty Crab.

rumour has it that Pelaccio may be planning a further expansion of the Fatty line to Hong Kong and he is also working on a small upscale restaurant in the Hudson Valley, but this one, like his contemporary American establishment 5 Ninth, will not be part of the Fatty family. 

How do you take Malaysian Street-food inspired fusion BBQ into the upscale Manhattan food scene?

We spoke with Fatty ‘Cue West Village’s chef de cuisine Anthony Masters to find out.

Produced by Daniel Goodman 

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