15 Father's Day Gifts For New Dads You Can Buy Without Spending More Than $30

new dad father's day man feeding baby

Father’s day gift ideas are never easy to come up with. And with Father’s Day this Sunday, that means ties, watches, and golf accessories are on sale nationwide and a go-to last minute buy.

But first-time dads probably don’t want the same tired gifts they’ve been repackaging for their own fathers for years.

We scoured the internet for Father’s Day gifts that new dads will actually love and appreciate.

They range from stroller gear that will make dad the most popular guy in the park to quirky gifts that will surely make him laugh.

Bonus: All of these Father’s Day gifts are under $30.

For the first few months, sleep is hard to come by for a new dad. Get him a New Dad 2013 mug in the extra large size for all his caffeine needs.

New dads love to take pictures of their babies. Instead of a photo frame, get him a digital frame so that he can enjoy all of his favourite snapshots.

A phone carrier for a stroller makes life easier for both dads and kids. He can text easier on the go, and the tot can watch his favourite cartoons when the device is flipped.

This one handed bottle opener will help dads when they have a new baby sleeping in their arms and want to crack open a cold one.

Hipster dads will get a laugh out of the Mustachifier. Babies have never looked more dapper, don't you think?

Chef sleeves for iPads will keep his device safe from juice spills and sticky hands. They're also reusable, and come in packs of 25.

Having a kid really takes a toll on the body. The Conair Benefits Heated Massaging Cushion will help dad relax after a long day.

Dads are known for their sage wisdom and advice. Give him the gift of words with the highly-rated Dad's Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time.

A new dad is always really proud of his child — get him a referential awesome dad shirt so that everyone knows his new status.

New dads have a lot to carry with them on the go — a stroller organiser will help! It gives some extra room for everything he might need to have at hand in a pinch.

Dragging around formula is a major hassle. Instead, buy him the Mixie Baby Bottle. It holds dry powder, and all dad has to do is add water and shake.

Kids are cute, but they're also jerks. Get dad the New Parent Apology Cards so he can say how sorry he is for everything his child did, from making a mess to crying all night long.

For tired, stressed out parents, remembering their child's schedule can be near impossible. The Pocket Nanny alerts mums and dads when its time for naps, feedings, or medicine.

Sure, the kid won't be getting into the liquor cabinet soon — but the Bottle Lock keeps wine safe from babysitters, nosy friends, and mothers-in-law.

Coffee is a new dad's best friend. Give him a gift card from his favourite coffee shop, and just watch him smile in silent appreciation (he'll be too tired to do much else).

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