Fate Of New York Economy Rests With Yankees, Mets

Another reason to dream that the Yankees make the playoffs. If they don’t, New York City businesses will lose roughly $141 million this fall. The Mets can also help, but not as much: A trip to the World Series could bring in roughly $81 million.

But if you want a real baseball-related bounce, pray for another subway series, which the Post claims could bring in nearly $300 million, almost 50 per cent more than the 2000 matchup.

NY Post: City businesses stand to miss out on making $141 million this fall if the Yankees fail to make the playoffs for the first time in 13 years, according to a study commissioned by The Post.

The report conducted by NYU adjunct professor John Tepper Marlin shows that if the Yankees snag at least a wild-card berth, a first-round appearance could fill the coffers of bars, restaurants and other businesses across the city with $26 million.

Marlin, a former number-crunching chief economist for three former city comptrollers, said the Bronx Bombers would need to make the playoffs every year if the city hopes to reap any economic benefits, a feat many fans and businesses have taken as a given since 1995…

In 2000, the Subway Series between the Yankees and Mets generated $192 million for city businesses, a study by the comptroller’s office said at the time.

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