FROM FAT TO FIT: Before And After Photos Of Athletes Who've Lost A Ton Of Weight

We’ve all seen horror stories about athletes letting themselves go once they retire.

But there are plenty of examples of the opposite — big-bone athletes who manage to get into tremendous shape.

Over the next few slides we’ll look at retired athletes who slimmed down once their playing days ended and active athletes who prolonged their careers by dropping a bunch of pounds.

Alan Faneca, former Pittsburgh Steelers lineman

Alan Faneca after losing 100 pounds

Source: PFT

Ronaldo, former Brazil striker

Ronaldo after losing 37 pounds

Source: Yahoo!

Kendrick Perkins, Oklahoma City Thunder center

Kendrick Perkins after losing 32 pounds

Source: OKC Thunder

JaMarcus Russell, former Oakland Raiders quarterback

JaMarcus Russell after losing 51 pounds

Phil Taylor, darts champion

Phil Taylor after losing 35+ pounds

Source: The Sun

CC Sabathia, Yankees pitcher, in 2009

Sabathia after losing 45 pounds

Source: USA Today

Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback

Josh Freeman after losing 20 pounds before the 2012 season

Source: PFT

Nate Newton, former Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman

Nate Newton after losing 180 pounds

Source: USA Today

Lendale White, former Tennessee Titans running back

Lendale White after he said he lost 30 pounds by giving up tequila

Source: Nashville Scene

Ricky Hatton, boxer

Ricky Hatton the day before a fight two years later

Pablo Sandoval, San Francisco Giants third baseman

Pablo Sandoval after losing 38 pounds

Source: SB Nation

Antone Davis, former NFL offensive lineman

Antone Davis after losing 202 pounds on the NBC show 'The Biggest Loser'

David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox DH

David Ortiz after losing 25 pounds


BONUS: Rex Ryan, New York Jets coach

Rex Ryan after lap-band surgery

Unfortunately, cutting the pounds doesn't always last

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