The 10 countries with the world’s fastest internet speeds

Internet connectivity map
Internet connectivity around the world Shodan/John Matherly

With a few clicks on a key board and a swipe of the mouse, we have access to an unprecedented amount of information the likes of which man has never seen before.

But if you have a slow internet connection speed then waiting for that page to load, that video to buffer, or that file to download can feel like an eternity.

Akamai Technologies, a cloud services provider, made a list of the fastest internet connection speeds in the world that shows where the luckiest netizens reside.

Each of these countries is ranked by the average speed of their broadband internet connection in mega bits per second (Mbps), and they are all faster than the United States, which ranks 17th in the world in internet connection speed on the list.

#10 Finland

Average Mbps: 12.1. Internet speeds have increased 33% over the last year.

#9 Czech Republic

Average Mbps: 12.3. Internet speeds have increased 8.4% over the last year.

#8 Ireland

Average Mbps: 12.3. Internet speeds have increased 8.4% over the last year.

#7 Latvia

Average Mbps: 13. Internet speeds have increased 25% over the last year.

#6 The Netherlands

Average Mbps: 14.2. Internet speeds have increased 15% over the last year.

Netherlands computer kids

REUTERS/Michael Kooren
Students play with their iPads outside the Steve Jobs school in Sneek August 21, 2013.

#5 Switzerland

Average Mbps: 14.5. Internet speeds have increased 21% over the last year.

#4 Sweden

Average Mbps: 14.6. Internet speeds have increased 34% over the last year.

#3 Japan

Average Mbps: 15.2. Internet speeds have increased 16% over the last year.

#2 Hong Kong

Average Mbps: 16.8. Internet speeds have increased 37% over the last year.

#1 South Korea

Average Mbps: 22.2. Internet speeds have increased 1.6% over the last year.

South korea computer kid

Children try out Samsung laptops at a Samsung D’light showroom in Seoul March 27, 2012.

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