The World's 5 Fastest-Growing Financial centres


Photo: Stuck in commons via flickr

The world’s most important financial centre is London, followed by New York, according to the newest Global Financial Centres Index.But that won’t last long.

Respondents in the survey by Z/Yen overwhelmingly named East Asian capitals as the cities most likely to become more significant and where they are most likely to open new offices.

#1 Shanghai

62 respondents said Shanghai is likely to become more significant.

22 respondents said they would open new offices here the next few years.

Currently Shanghai is the #5 most important financial centre. It even has a bull, like Wall Street.

Already the financial centre of mainland China, Shanghai aims to become the world's financial and shipping centre by 2020. Shanghai is currently the world's most populous city. It will be home to the world's third-tallest building in 2014.

Source: GFCI 9

Image: Courtesy of Gensler

Asia is home to some of the most futuristic buildings too...

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