This is the fastest Bentley the luxury car maker has ever built

Bentley has announced their fastest and most powerful production car yet, eeking even more horsepower out of the Continental GT’s now-legendary W12 engine.

The Continental GT “Black Edition” now enjoys 633 horsepower and a healthy reserve of torque, enough to pull the stately British grand tourer to an impressive 206 mph, according to Bentley.

It will reportedly also do the sprint to 60 mph in under 4 seconds.

The new Black Edition also allows for several new colour choices, added to a long, long list of customising options essential on any luxury vehicle of this calibre.

Here’s the new Continental GT.

The new Continental GT Speed Black.


A convertible version is also offered.


The Continental GT's (almost comically large) W12 engine now produces a healthy 633 horsepower and builds a mountain of torque.


Like many boutique car makers, Bentley emphasises the amount of work that goes into crafting each one of its cars ...


... in the case of the Continental GT, that would be 110 hours ... with all work done by hand.


With a successor planned for 2018, the now 11-year-old current Continental model is likely nearing its zenith.


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