Calling all fast-food fans: Vote for your favourite and least favourite chains as we search for America's favourite fast food

Hollis JohnsonIf you have strong feelings about fast food, we need your help.

If you have strong feelings about the best and worst fast food in America, we need your help.

As Business Insider reports on the best and the worst of the restaurant industry, we could use your feedback.

Are you a McDonald’s loyalist? Or, do you exclusively eat Burger King’s Whopper? Do you visit Chick-fil-A daily, or do you refuse to let a fried-chicken sandwich pass your lips?

We want to know which chain has the best menu items, the cleanest locations, and more. As we report on which chains are thriving and which are struggling to survive, we want to be sure to include your opinions.

Share your thoughts with us in a survey here.

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