The 19 biggest questions we have after watching the ‘Fast & Furious 9’ trailer over and over again

Letty and Dom swing their car from a rope on a leap of faith in ‘Fast 9.’ Universal Pictures

The first full trailer for “Fast & Furious 9” hit us with a few massive reveals.

Dom has a secret little brother we’ve never heard about and Han is alive after dying a few movies ago. (#JusticeForHan!)

Insider is breaking down every big and little question you may have about “Fast 9” after watching the trailer over and over again. We’ve also gone through some more new footage that was shown at the trailer’s world premiere in Miami, Florida during a fan concert that briefly showed Cipher’s (Charlize Theron’s) new look and Helen Mirren’s return as Queenie Shaw.

If you blinked, you may have missed another big character who’s returning to the “Fast” saga.

When does this movie take place?

It’s definitely a few years after we last saw the group together in ‘The Fate of the Furious.’ What has transpired since then? Universal Pictures

Let’s get this out of the way first. You’ve probably watched the “Fast and Furious” saga out of order. In case you’re not aware the films were not released in chronological order. The correct viewing order is 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 3, 7, 8, and, (for now) “Hobbs and Shaw.” (You can read more on that here.)

That being said, it’s clear that “F9” is picking up a few years after the last film, “The Fate of the Furious.” How do we know? Just look at Dom’s little boy Brian. He’s walking and talking now. He was just a baby in a carrier getting saved in one of the franchise’s best scenes by Deckard Shaw in the last movie. This kid must be three or four now with that full head of hair.

It’s also unclear at the moment whether or not “Hobbs and Shaw” takes place before or after “Fast 9.” Deckard Shaw’s mother is in jail at the start of “H&S.” She was never there at the end of eight.

Where are Dom and Letty living now with little Brian?

It looks like Dom finally decided to settle down. Universal Pictures

I’m just wondering. It looks like they’re in the middle of nowhere in farm country since Dom’s working on fixing up a tractor. Good for Dom. He looks like he just wants a peaceful little slice of the American dream. Too bad his angry little brother can’t let him live.

Why is this the first time we’re hearing about Dom’s little brother, Jakob?

It seems like John Cena will have a large role in this film. Universal Pictures

Why is Jakob entering the picture now? We knew Dom had a younger sister named Mia, but how have neither of them ever mentioned Jakob in any previous instalment of the franchise, even in passing? It’s strange because Dom preaches about how family is everything and has told us about memories with his father who was killed.

We thought Jakob was going to wind up being a brother to Dom’s old buddy Vince or maybe even Brian. We can’t wait to see what background the film comes up with to explain away Jakob’s absence.

Who exactly is Jakob Toretto?

He looks like he belongs in ‘Hobbs & Shaw.’ Universal Pictures

From the trailer, Roman Pierce (Tyrese Gibson) describes him as a “master thief, assassin, high-performance driver.” OK. Maybe he knows Deckard and Owen Shaw or some other characters from Dom’s past as well.

Letty gives Brian Dom’s necklace as protection from “what’s coming.” What’s coming? Is she talking about Cipher?

No, you’re getting emotional over this scene. Universal Pictures

It seems that way. The trailers either make it out to be Cipher or Jakob.

Why is Cipher obsessed with killing Dom and ruining his life? What did he do to her?

Cipher, we need some answers stat. Universal Pictures

It just seems a little weird that Cipher is so interested in Dom since “The Fate of the Furious” without any real connection to her. We don’t even know Cipher’s real name. We learned in “Fate” she’s good at keeping her digital footprint clean.

It seems likely we’ll learn more about Cipher’s mysterious background in this film. Are we going to learn that she’s also related to Toretto or one of the Fast family?

Why is Jakob working with Cipher?

What’s their beef? Universal Pictures

Were they a couple in the past? Are they teaming up because they both hate Dom’s guts? Unclear at the moment. At the least, it doesn’t seem like they knew each other too long. We see Cipher talking to Jakob in a holding cell in the trailer and it appears like they’re just realising they may have similar goals.

What’s up with Cipher’s shorter haircut?

Cipher shows off a new shorter ‘do in the ‘Fast 9’ trailer. Universal Pictures

Cipher ditched the long braided dreads for a bowl cut in “Fast 9.”

The character’s hair started a debate in 2017 about cultural appropriation and whether or not white woman should be allowed to wear the hairstyle in order to “add an extra bad-girl dimension” to fictional characters.

Why is Mia back? What does that mean for Brian?

Does Mia’s return to the franchise mean something happened to Brian or one of their kids? Universal Pictures

At the end of “Furious 7,” Brian’s character was retired from the franchise after Paul Walker’s death in 2013.

He and Dom’s sister Mia settled into a quieter lifestyle with their two kids. If Mia’s back in the game, did something happen to Brian or one of their two kids? Is she just back because her brother Jakob is stirring the pot?

Most importantly, is Paul Walker’s character somehow going to be in this film with the help of Walker’s brothers once again?

Is Han really alive and back?

Look at Han, nonchalantly eating food as if he wasn’t missing for the last two ‘Fast’ films. Universal Pictures

It seems so! Director Justin Lin was seen wearing a shirt with the words “Justice for Han” late last year.

The character was seemingly killed in a massive explosion back in the franchise’s third film, “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.” How did he survive? That’s unclear for the moment, but it seems like a familiar face may have been helping him recover.

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Hold up. Is Sean Boswell returning to the “Fast” franchise, too?

Did you catch this? Universal Pictures

Fans of the “Fast” family will recognise Boswell from “Tokyo Drift.” Lucas Black’s character can be seen for a brief moment two minutes and 17 seconds into the trailer. It’s an easy one to miss during the action-packed trailer.

It’s time to dust off the old copy of “Tokyo Drift” for your rewatch of the franchise.

Insider has reached out to Universal to confirm Black’s appearance in the trailer.

Is Han going to get justice?

Han’s character poster seems to suggest he will. Universal Pictures

Since “Fast and the Furious 6,” fans have been waiting for Han to get justice after seemingly being blown to bits by Deckard Shaw. Deckard hinted in “Hobbs and Shaw” that he had to atone for some sins of the past. We’re waiting for our closure.

Are we going to get an update on Owen Shaw?

Where is this guy? Universal Pictures

The last time we saw Deckard’s brother, Owen, was in “The Fate of the Furious.” He helped Deckard save Dom’s son and we haven’t seen him since.

Will Han seek him out to get back at Deckard Shaw? He was mysteriously missing from “Hobbs and Shaw.”

Are we finally going to get to see Helen Mirren race a car in one of these movies?

The trailer shows Mirren in a car with Dom talking about the importance of family. Here are Diesel and Mirren after they finished shooting on week 12 of ‘Fast 9.’ @VinDiesel/Instagram

Mirren fulfilled her dream of being in a “Fast and Furious” movie when she appeared in “The Fate of the Furious,” but she didn’t get to drive a car. The actress told Yahoo Movies in 2015 that was still on her bucket list.

“I so want to be a mad driver in a ‘Fast and Furious’ movie. My claim to fame is I always do my own driving – I was on ‘Top Gear,’ and I did [my lap] in a very good time,” Mirren said.

We may finally get to see Mirren behind the wheel. In September, Vin Diesel shared a video on Instagram three months into shooting “F9” with Mirren saying she’s “a great driver.” Could you just imagine seeing Mirren drive Diesel around the streets of London? Let’s go!

What is a magnet plane?

Cipher has her own Avengers-style stealth jet in ‘Fast 9.’ Universal Pictures

Cipher swoops in with some “Avengers”-like stealth plane that sucks up Jakob’s car into its cargo. Tej refers to it as “a magnet plane.”

Is this the craziest stunt we’ll see in this film?

Dom and Letty swing through the air on a vine to slingshot their car onto another road. Universal Pictures

Near the end of the trailer, Dom and Letty soar off of a mountain with a their car swinging from a vine.

“Fast and Furious” always likes to push the bar and it looks like this will be one of the film’s biggest stunts. We’re hoping there’s something even bigger.

Did you notice how Dom caught Letty falling out of the sky on his car?

Physics? Who cares about physics when we’re having fun. Universal Pictures

I just want to make sure you caught that. It’s a nice little nod to “Fast 6” when Dom jumped from a car to catch Letty across a highway and save her. They are the definition of ride or die.

Is Scott Eastwood back in this movie?

Scott Eastwood played Little Nobody in ‘The Fate of the Furious.’ Matt Kennedy/Universal Pictures

Little Nobody seemed to be the new character stepping in to help fill Brian’s role in “Fate,” but he kind of became a bit of a punching bag instead.

And, finally, are we going to get some quality racing in this movie?

Han looks ready to drift. Universal Pictures

The “Fast” franchise has evolved from a racing movie to a family saga about saving the world from cyberterrorists. The gang are effectively superheroes without the superpowers. Now that Han is back in the mix it would be nice to see racing and maybe some drifted incorporated back into the franchise to bring the “Fast and Furious” films back to their roots.