This Amazing Brooklyn Startup Office Looks Like A Jungle Gym

Farmigo, a startup that helps communities and other startups get access to farm-fresh grocery deliveries, recently moved into a brand-new office space in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

Farmigo is partnering with a number of companies in New York and San Francisco — including LinkedIn, SAP, Zendesk, Virgin America, and Etsy — to save employees time and money. Companies can set up a Farmigo drop location in their office so that workers don’t ever have to go to the grocery store, and some even cover the cost.

Farmigo’s office is just as quirky and cool as you would expect from a Brooklyn food startup. With 5,000 square feet of space in a former industrial warehouse, they had plenty of room to get creative with the design. They ended up with an amazing treehouse-like layout, with a variety of workspaces situated over different levels.

Highlights include swings, hammocks, and tables perched up high.

Farmigo is located in a 5,000-square-foot space in the Industrial Arts Complex in Gowanus, Brooklyn. They moved to the space in May after witnessing soaring rents elsewhere in the borough. 'DUMBO rents are pretty much the same as Manhattan now. We see Gowanus as this up-and-coming frontier,' Benzi Ronen, founder and CEO of Farmigo, said to Business Insider.

Being able to afford a larger space in Gowanus meant the team could play around with the design. They ended up with this multilevel, treehouse-like office, where they host hacker meetups and other events.

When you enter, you'll see a platform of desks with windows that look out on the Gowanus Canal.

To the left of the entrance, you'll find a stage where local entrepreneurs stand to give talks.

This place can get pretty packed during events.

But on any given day, it's a pleasant place to work.

There's a huge variety of seating situated over different levels.

Ladders and platforms make this space look like an old-school jungle gym.

This giant deck looks like a great place to hang out.

They even set out plants and pillows just for that purpose.

Upstairs, there are four conference rooms and a wall of plants.

This person has the most perfectly perched work space.

You get a sense of how unique the space is from up here.

There's an element of community and fun throughout the office. The team made this collage of photos at some of the partner farms they have visited.

Farmigo emphasises having a clean and green approach -- and many employees bike to work.

But of course, as a startup that focuses on delivering farm-fresh groceries, the Farmigo team keeps food close to everything they do.

Each Friday, they take turns cooking lunch for the entire team, using the locally sourced food you can get through Farmigo.

A recent lunch included an almond kale salad, pesto-coated lamb burger on a ciabatta bun, and raspberry lemon tarts. This day, Farmigo employees dig into a healthy meal of chicken, pasta, and a green salad.

When the weather's nice, they eat outside at these picnic tables that front the Gowanus Canal.

Sometimes they even have dessert.

And pets are welcome.

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