Faraday Future just shared a glimpse of its first real electric car

Faraday future car

Faraday Future released another video Wednesday of the electric car it will show at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

The most recent video focuses on the car’s wheels and includes a tagline that reads “who said don’t reinvent the wheel?” Faraday Future released another video in late October generating hype for its quiet engine with the line: “Can’t hear the engine? You’re not supposed to.”

The car itself is wrapped in a black cover to hide its exterior in both videos. The electric car, which appears to be a midsize crossover SUV, was seen driving on LA streets with the black tarp in August.

Faraday Future generated a lot of hype for a car reveal ahead of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, but some people were disappointed to only see a concept car. The company, though, plans to debut its first production car, the same one teased in the video, at the 2017 CES. 

Faraday future car

But the secretive start-up is running into a number of challenges as it preps for its big reveal. 

Automotive News reported that Faraday Future is behind on a $21 million deposit for construction for its Nevada factory. Faraday Future will need to pay roughly $58 million in construction payments by the end of November, according to that report.

“Both organisations are working diligently to resolve the overdue payment, we are continuing to make progress at the site and a work stop order will not be issued,” a Faraday Future spokesperson wrote in an Oct. 24 statement to Business Insider.

Jalopnik also reported that six top staffers at Faraday Future have left in the past two to three months. James Chen, general counsel and vice president of governmental affairs; David Wisneiski, finance director; and Sarah Ashton, associate director of governmental affairs, were among the moves.

Faraday Future confirmed to Jaloponik at the time that the six employees had left the company. 

“We can confirm that the people you named have left Faraday Future, many of them 2-3 months ago, to pursue other interests,” Faraday Future wrote in a statement to Jalopnik. “However, Faraday Future’s turnover is extremely low compared to the industry standard.”

You can watch Faraday Future’s most recent teaser video here:

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