The Average Americans Wastes 650 Pounds Of Food Each Year

As everyone frets about the rising cost of food, the FAO released a devastating report about the amount that gets wasted.

Roughly one third of world food production for humans is lost or wasted. Industrialized countries waste the most food.

The average American wastes 650 pounds of food in a year. This estimate includes 400 pounds of food that are destroyed from production to retail, and 250 pounds of food that are wasted by the consumer — i.e. food that goes bad in your fridge or goes in the trash after dinner.

Poorer regions waste almost no food at the consumer level.

At the agriculture and post-agriculture level, however, large amounts of food are wasted. Thus Subsahara Africa wastes 370 pounds of food per capita.

Unless we can stop food waste, some foods will become prohibitively expensive

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