This behind-the-scenes 'Fantastic Four' footage reveals an iconic part of the comics cut out of the movie

Kate mara miles teller fantastic fourAlan Markfield/20th Century FoxKate Mara and Miles Teller star in ‘Fantastic Four.’

“Fantastic Four” debuted to a dull roar over the past weekend at theatres.

One of the complaints from fans and critics alike was that the film was low on action. When going back and watching a lot of the trailers and promotional footage for the movie, it’s easy to spot many scenes that didn’t make it into the final cut

Those weren’t the only ones. 

Images from B-roll released by Fox suggest there were plans to include what appears to be Reed Richards’ flying Fantasti-Car in the film as well.  

We first noticed this on Collider.

In the comics, Richards’ vehicle was used to transport the four around whether or not they were on missions. In the film, the car is alluded to early on as a project Reed was once working on as a child.

The seemingly finished car can be seen in several scenes in B-roll footage.

Fantastic four car kate mara20th Century FoxMichael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Miles Teller’s characters can all be seen getting a car from what appears to be Reed Richards’ childhood home.

From the footage, it looks like the car was going to be used in some of the film’s later scenes as Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan), Richards (Miles Teller), and Sue Storm (Kate Mara) are all wearing containment suits to control their powers, part of the second half of the movie.

It’s possible the car was to be used in some of the end action sequences where the team went up against the villain on another planet from which they acquired their powers. It’s clear in the image below that Mara is in some sort of rubble which looks similar to that seen on the foreign planet Zero.

 For reference, here’s how the first version of the car looked in the comics: 


You can watch the footage below via Movieclips:

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